Our impact.

Making an impact, one cup of coffee at a time.

Javy Coffee is commitment to making custom coffee, convenient without compromise. We aim to improve not only the lifestyle of our consumers but also the world that we all live in. We’re passionate about leaving a profound and positive ESG impact. Javy has chosen to put regenerative agriculture at the forefront of our mission.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture focuses on sustainable farming and grazing practices that enhances the ecosystem, increases resilience to climate change, and strengthens the health and vitality of farm soil, among other benefits.

This practice has a particular emphasis on minimal soil disturbance and composting. Javy has partnered with the Raíz Sustainability Program to consciously source coffee from farms that employ multiple agricultural practices that contribute to regenerative agriculture production systems. This program provides a number of ecological services and supports directly to farmers, in addition to extensive training around sustainable practices such as biodiversity, soil health, and soil rebuilding practices. Aside from access to year-round training and support, Javy rewards our hardworking and eco-friendly coffee farmers and their families with a premium monetary compensation.

Javy is thrilled to support and lead the way for higher standards of sustainability across the coffee industry, including our consumers in every part of our journey to a better and happier home for all of us.