How It's Made


Sourcing The Beans

We get our beans from a region in Colombia's known as "the coffee belt". These beans tend to pack a seeter cup with complex aromas and a smooth, rich texture. We look for partnerships with small farmers that take equal share in the profits.

Artisan Roasted

After the beans are sourced ethically, we look for partnerships with Artisan roasters that make sure each batch of beans is roasted to reach its maximum flavor potential before sending them of to our infamous lab.


The Lab

We squeeze out all the aroma out of these high-end beans by a steam extraction system (yes, that's a mouthful). We won't bother you with the details. But imagine a scientist with a Metallica tattoo, a cat, a bunch of flasks and a lot of iterations.

The Microdose

Each bottle contains a fresh batch of coffee extract. Due to it’s highly concentrated contents, you can extract around 30x coffee brews from one little bottle without losing a single ounce of taste, that’s a lot of highs without burning your wallet, right?