Coffee Concentrates

Quick, Versatile & Super Freaking Delicious!

Faster than instant coffee, easier than a k-cup, and tastier than your favorite coffee shop.

Step 1

Fill your mug with milk, hot or
cold water.

Step 2

Drop 1-2 tsp of Javy into the

Step 3

Add your favorite milk, creamer or flavoring and enjoy.

The fastest, easiest, and most convenient coffee.

Artisan roasted 100% arabica beans
Direct relationship with small organic farmers
Silk-smooth taste with every pour
Unlimited delicious coffee drinks
Sustainable glass bottles
No burnt, bitter or sour tastes

Quick and Easy

By dropping 1-2 teaspoons of Javy into water or milk your just seconds away from drinking delicious coffee anyway you like it.


Shake Up Your Day

Javy's purpose is to optimize your day and that includes fueling your health goals while saving you time and money.


No Limits

If you want a hot black coffee one day or a sweet, creamy, iced coffee the next day, you can have it anyway you like it in literally seconds.

Be creative, be simple, take it on the go, or make it right at home, have it how you want it when you want it!

Javy uses a proprietary roasting and extraction process that makes it far more superior in taste and quality than any other coffee concentrate.

serving size, 1 tsp
amount per serving
caffeine (mg)
% daily value*
calories 0g
fat 0g
sodium 0g
protein 0g
Extraction Process

The extraction process is not only fundamental to retaining an extremely high flavor profile but it also eliminates any coffee grounds or sediment from ending up in the concentrate, unlike other concentrates on the market.

Unlike traditional coffee grounds, our liquid concentrate process goes through rigorous QA to ensure its above standard healthy and safety regulations.

Quality, Consistency and Value

Most of what we do is geared towards the quality of the coffee, consistency and value.

As such, this means that the farmers who supply our coffee are hitting all the main points to make the products we have outstanding.

Crafted Sustainably

Our coffee is sourced from Central America and Colombia. 100% Arabica bean, estate grown in high elevation specialty coffee grade.

Our magic combination of thermal blends allows us to roast the beans to concentrated perfection while retaining flavor all without burning them.

Javy supports farmers who focus on producing quality and value. Javy has created a sustainable coffee supply chain that delivers premium solutions to everyone from crop to cup.

Thousands of Raving

Javy customers are obsessed with making all kinds of different coffees.