About Us

It all started when two guys found a huge problem with the coffee industry. Instant coffee lacked the same robust flavor and profile that premium brewed coffee had. Furthermore, instant coffee couldn’t fulfill the instant need for iced coffee or any type of cold coffee beverage. As avid coffee drinkers, we knew there had to be a better way to combine convenience and quality, and thus Javy was born. Javy seeks to fuel creativity and motivation with convenient yet premium easy to make, versatile coffee.

The process to make our flagship product, Microdose, is very complex. To get such a refined liquid coffee concentrate requires a lot of science and art. At the core, Javy strives to ethically source its coffee beans from organic farms with direct trade relationships, while also infusing the most pure water possible. Through dedicated and passionate craftsmanship, Javy remains at the forefront of coffee innovation!