Best Sandwiches to Pair with your Javy Coffee

Best Sandwiches to Pair with your Javy Coffee

Coffee and sandwiches have been two peas in a pod just like wine and cheese before we were able to enjoy this combination in restaurants and coffee shops all over the world. 
Time to make your sandwich and coffee experience a one-of-a-kind for you and your Javy. 
Javy is all about making whatever coffee you want straight at home, and we’re here to help you do the same with sandwiches for the perfect coffee and sandwich pairing. Here are 5 of the best ideas for sandwiches to pair with your delicious Javy coffee at home with brief, quick recipes. 

History of Sandwiches

The sandwich was born during the Illustration period in England during 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Hence the name the food has today. He spent so much time gambling on poker that his chefs had to come up with a handy solution to allow him to gamble while he ate. This is how the sandwich was born! 
Do you eat sandwiches while playing poker? 
Fast forward to today, most people can enjoy just about any type of sandwich combination they can imagine. Different cultures have created their own version with local food products combinations and different breads.

History of Coffee

The history of the world’s favorite drug, caffeine from our beloved coffee, dates back to an Ethiopian legend. The legend says that it was probably discovered by a goat herder back in 850A.D. 
This is how coffee entered the Islamic world and then quickly spread to all ends of the globe. 
One day, Kaldi was observing his goats nibbling on red berries from a bush. He noticed that they were super energetic. He called them jumping goats and decided to try the fruit for himself. Kaldi went on to share the berries with a Sufi monk who rejected the berries and threw them in a fire creating the staple coffee aroma. The roasted beans were quickly raked from the embers and thus the first cup of coffee was born! 

Avocado Toast


 Avocado toast is a Caribbean favorite recipe! Many Puerto Ricans love eating avocado toasts in the morning with their coffee. This recipe is perfect for those coffee lovers that also want a quick meal that can be done in seconds. 

Avocado Toast Recipe

  • Start by putting 1 or 2 slices of bread in the toaster to toast to your desired darkness.¬†
  • Then, just spread some avocado over your bread, etc and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Voil√°! Your avocado toast is ready.¬†¬†
  • Now, take your Javy out and mix it with your favorite ingredients. Maybe oat milk? Javy goes very well with vanilla oat milk. It‚Äôs sweet enough that you won‚Äôt have to add any sugar.

Tuna Salad Toast Sandwich 

Tuna salad is another quick and healthy bite that goes excellent with some coffee. Tuna’s omega-3 fatty acids and rich potassium is known for lowering blood pressure and its anti-inflammatory effects on our circulatory system which helps fight lifestyle illnesses like heart disease. Strong coffee concentrate with tuna salad sandwich. 

Tuna Salad Toast Recipe 

 Take some bread and pop it in the toaster.

 Start by mixing tuna with some mayonnaise or some cream cheese. Then, sprinkle it with some shredded cheese. I like shredded mozzarella cheese! 
  • Once the bread is toasted, add your tuna mix with shredded cheese. Top off with some veggies for a complete meal.¬†
  • Finish the meal up with some hot or cold Javy Coffee with some oat milk, soy milk, protein shake, or almond milk and off you go! Spice up the coffee‚Äôs consistency with our¬†frother and enjoy.¬†
Hummus and Nuts Sandwich
This middle Eastern creation has gained a lot of popularity in the US, hummus! With the growing trends in healthier eating and love for paleo recipes (nuts, nuts, nuts!), we thought adding a hummus recipe would be perfect! 

Hummus and Nuts Sandwich Recipe 

  • Start off by prepping some toast and picking your favorite selection of nuts. Maybe you can try and experiment with different nuts you haven‚Äôt tried before. We like walnuts in the morning to add some protein and good fats to our meals!¬†
  • Then, either make some hummus at home or spread your favorite store-bought hummus on your toast. Make sure you complete the meal with some greens or some green juice with your sandwich.¬†


 Pressed Grilled Cheese 

 Grilled cheese is perfect for any time of the day. Whether it's the morning, afternoon snack, or nighttime snack. In order to make this a full-on healthy meal, add some side veggies or a green juice for a complete meal experience. 

  • ¬†Start by heating up either your pan or your sandwich maker. After that, spread some butter or mayonnaise on the bread.¬†
  • Then add your favorite cheese, top it off with a bun and warm up to melted perfection. This sandwich is best paired with room temperature Javy coffee with plant-based milk and no sugar.
Some people prefer a whole sandwich while others like to cut their grilled cheese in half. We prefer the cutting in half for that mouth-watering melted cheese goodness. 

Peanut Butter and Banana Flatbread Sandwich

Time to close up the recipes with a sweet and healthy touch! We choose this one as the last option because we’re saving the sweetest healthy combination for last! 
Bananas are beyond healthy for you!  According to Healthline, there are evidence-based benefits to eating bananas. Bananas contain nutrients that help moderate blood sugar levels as well as the mineral potassium. This mineral is important as it helps keep fluid levels and maintain nutrients going in and out of our cells. A Javy cold brew is the perfect coffee to go with this sandwich. Check out our other cold brew recipes.

Peanut Butter and Bananas Flatbread Sandwich Recipe 

  • ¬†Take some flatbread and warm it up or toast it up to desired consistency. Chop one banana into medium-sized circles.
  • Top it off with organic peanut butter spread to your desired amount, add the banana slices, add more peanut butter spread on top of the bananas with some chia seeds,¬† and you‚Äôre good to go!¬†

No matter how you like your  Javy Coffee, iced, black, with dairy milk, plant-based milk, sugar, or without -- our Javy Coffee can be easily paired with the perfect sandwich.


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